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Aerospace Composites Limited provides you with measurable extra performance to succeed in this highly competitive market, helping you to affordably:

  • Create winning proposals for major composites subcontracts from the primes or first tier suppliers.
  • Manage risks by assisting your project managers in determining, analysing and managing project risks.
  • Maximise supplier performance through clear communication of objectives and status, and persuasive follow up.
  • Troubleshoot composites manufacturing analyse causes and propose recovery strategies for both technical and programme non-conformances.


The foremost benefit you can expect from engaging Aerospace Composites Limited is the security of a professional approach leading to measurable results.

By engaging Aerospace Composites Limited, you gain the skilled extra resource to meet and exceed your goals, you will also benefit from the transfer of experience and knowledge, and gain the flexibility to manage costs within your budget.

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Why me?

  • Over 20 years experience - primarily in Aerospace Composites, in technical, project management and commercial positions.
  • Demonstrated success - from a sound understanding of the aerospace business and techniques.
  • Flexible - working in places and times to suit you.
  • International - to travel to you, your customers or your suppliers.
  • Affordable and measurable - clear remits to give you a resource to help you achieve your goals.


Serving the Composites Industry Worldwide